Nickyla Garverick

Name: Nickyla Garverick

Age: 22

Hometown: Crestline, OH

Resides: Findlay,OH

Height: 6’1

College: University of Findlay

Did you play volleyball in college? Yes

How long have you been playing beach? 2 summers

Why is beach volleyball your sport of choice? Beach volleyball is my sport of choice because it is fun and exciting, also it allows you to become a more complete volleyball player. You better yourself in all aspects of the game, not just a few that relate to your position when playing indoor. It not only improves your ball
control and whole aspect on the game but makes you jump higher and play with a greater agility than you ever have. Along with the game aspects, you learn to trust and respect one other individual on the court and work together to achieve a common goal. Unlike many other sports you have to know how to play all aspects of the game and to good at every position. Beach volleyball also is a great way to experience a diverse play setting and meet many new individuals that can teach you different aspects about the game.

Favorite career moment so far in beach volleyball? Winning the Open Chaos Tournament with Karla Wood.

Favorite pro player? Why? Kerri Walsh Jennings is my favorite pro player because she is someone who works toward her dreams, and makes them a reality.
She doesn’t let anything get in her way of achieving her goals and being the best that she can be. I love that she is very family oriented while still achieving her dreams, she manages time to be with her family and kids. Kerri is a very well rounded individual not only on the court but off the court. She is the kind of individual who doesn’t give up when things get tough and she is willing to go the extra mile. She is a great role model who shows any women that they can do anything they put there minds to even after starting a family. When looking at Kerri on the court she is always fierce and plays with a high intensity at all times. She not only has fun on the court but makes sure her partner is right there with her the whole step of the way. She is also very exciting and fun to watch.

Next beach volleyball goal you have set for yourself? My next beach volleyball goal is to continually improve in all aspects of the game, while learning from different players on and off the court

Nickyla Garverick