Jon Drake

Name Jon Drake

Nickname Drizzy

Age 27

Hometown Batavia, OH

Resides Maineville, OH

Height 6’2″

College None

Did you play volleyball in college? No

How long have you been playing beach? 8 yrs.

Why is beach volleyball your sport of choice? It is a grueling and physical sport that allows you to not only work on personal and mental aspects of the game, but it also allows you to work on team chemistry and having to learn how to adapt to the ever changing environment you are forced to play in.

Favorite career moment so far in beach volleyball? Making through the qualifier and into the 2016 Chicago AVP Main Draw

Favorite pro player? Why?
Sean Rosenthal – Super athletic guy I watched play growing up. Ambidextrous, which is awesome to see! Calm and composed player…doesn’t blow up or is arrogant. Great sportsmanship.

What other tours have you played on? NVL, EVP, AVP

Next beach volleyball goal you have set for yourself? Making at least 3 main draws on the AVP.

Jon Drake