Chris Luers

Name Chris Luers

Nickname Jon’s dad

Age 42

Hometown Lebanon, Ohio

Resides Lebanon, Ohio

Height 6’3

College university of Dayton

Did you play volleyball in college? No

How long have you been playing beach? 30 years

Why is beach volleyball your sport of choice? It’s a great sport for any age or skill level.

Favorite career moment so far in beach volleyball? Probably qualifying for the avp my very first time in Brooklyn New York in 2009 with danny cook. We had been so close so many times it was great to finally break through. My amazing wife drove 9 hours through the night with our 1 year old son to watch us play in the main draw. It was a great experience

Favorite pro player? Why? John Hyden. If he can still win avp’s at 44, why can’t I at 42.

What other tours have you played on? Avp, nvl,evp

Next beach volleyball goal you have set for yourself? To continue to improve. Jon and I had a good year in 2016 but we need to get better this winter so we can have better results in 2017.

Chris Luers