Adam Miracle

Name: Adam Miracle

Age: 25

Hometown: Cincinnati

Resides: Cincinnati

Height: 6’2

College: University of Mount Olive

Did you play volleyball in college? Yes, I also competed as a professional indoor player in the 2nd Division of Germany for TV Bliesen.

How long have you been playing beach? 10 years

Why is beach volleyball your sport of choice? The reason I love beach volleyball is you have to be a great overall player to be competitive at the highest level. You cannot only be a great hitter, passer, or setter, in order to be a great beach player you have to have a great overall skill set.

Favorite career moment so far in beach volleyball? Thus far my favorite moment in my career was winning the Chaos Beach Season finale with Joe Ruzick after starting as the 6th seed and battling back from an early loss through the losers bracket to beat the top two seeds in the semi-finals and finals.

Favorite pro player? Why?
My favorite professional beach volleyball player is Bruno Schmidt from Brazil, I try to model my game after his and he is the most exciting and consistent player to watch right now.

What other tours have you played on? I have participated in the NVL tour.

Next beach volleyball goal you have set for yourself? I want to qualify and compete in AVP main draw events.

Adam Miracle