Adam Minch

Name Adam Minch

Age 32

Hometown Beavercreek, OH

Resides soon to be Madeira, OH (suburb of Cincinnati)

Height 6′ 4″

College University of Dayton

Did you play volleyball in college? Yes, though it wasn’t varsity (club sport)

How long have you been playing beach? 15 years

Why is beach volleyball your sport of choice? I ‘fell’ into the sport after giving up basketball, and enjoyed it at first. After discovering beach volleyball, I learned how fun, yet competitive the sport really is. I enjoy the people, the atmosphere, the locales, and the competition.

Favorite career moment so far in beach volleyball? I don’t have just one. I feel at my best when I’m in a high pressure situation, the game and/or tournament is on the line, and a large crowd is watching.

Favorite pro player? Why? Todd Rogers –┬áHis consistency and longevity

What other tours have you played on? NVL, EVP, AVP, Volley America

Next beach volleyball goal you have set for yourself? Consistently making NVL main draws, and making an AVP main draw

Adam Minch